Submit Your Hauteness.

Who Can Submit? 

If you blog trendy, definitively urban couture fashion then you’ll definitely be considered. If you don’t, then you won’t. There are a lot of other SL fashion blog feeds out there, but Concrete is tailored to the urban market and will only highlight blogs in this genre.


Who Gets Published? 

If your pictures are HIGH QUALITY (meaning they’re focused, edited, sans jagged edges), your blog posts are tight (no long speech, just the fashion and outfit credits), and your style is urban, then the answer is you. If not, its people who meet this criteria.  You can submit urban/street fashion blog RSS feeds (see submission form below),  but not everything will get published. Concrete is filtered, which means an editorial team of real people review each submission and decide which submissions to syndicate.


How Can I Submit? 

To submit your blog for review, please fill out the following form and send it to

Blog’s Name:
Blog URL:
Blog Synopsis/Theme:
Posting Frequency (every day, every week, etc.):


Miscellaneous Guidelines

  • High quality pictures are a must. Lightly edited clothing is best in the photo, as it shows the good (and sometimes bad) parts of the outfit.
  • No spam. ‘Nuff said.
  • Original outfits are preferred. If your blog is a clone of another, neither will be considered. If you steal total looks (like, same outfit from head to toe on another blog) and post them on your blog, you can kick rocks. It’s one thing to have inspiration, and another to simply swagga-jack.
  • Categories and tags are encouraged. We won’t sweat it if they’re not on every post, but it would be nice for our readers to be able to browse looks. Think about marketing for both your blog and the designer’s wares.


Werd to the Butthurt

If you didn’t get published, its because you didn’t meet the guidelines or quality check. Never fear! Check out the people who are published, get your skills up and try again. We’ll try to personally respond to each request for syndication, letting you know why you didn’t get selected (if that is the case).

Note: We’re not interested in diss sites or sites with a lot of blah blah- its all about fashion, so keep your posts tight and you’ve got a chance.


Final Content Note

We have a right (and duty) to omit individual posts from syndicated blogs that don’t fit the aesthetic. Generally speaking, if your post doesn’t highlight a style (focusing more on a new product than the outfit as a whole), then it won’t get published.

None of these guidelines are set to dissuade you from applying- its just the opposite. Concrete SL caters to those infatuated with urban/trendy fashion; if the collective quality of posts rivals other feeds, what incentive would a perspective shopper have to stop by? The guidelines are in place so that each blog highlighted gets maximum exposure and reach to their target audience.


Any other questions? Contact Khalied Jameson at, and I’ll try to answer them.